" He cannot see me, Bran realized, despairing. He wanted to reach out and touch him, but all that he could do was watch and listen. I am in the tree. I am inside the heart tree, looking out of its red eyes, but the weirwood cannot talk, so I can’t. Eddard Stark resumed his prayer. Bran felt his eyes fill up with tears. But were they his own tears, or the weirwood’s? If I cry, will the tree begin to weep?"


Iwan Rheon 002 [x]

Misfits rewatch (favourite Alisha/Simon moments) - Season 2 | Episode 3

You are Lucrezia Borgia.

Wind and words. 




Stalia checking Kira out

Gif Meme - nymheria asked: Sansa Stark + My Emotions

i’m so not okay with this. [guys, go.]
n o . nope, still  n o t   o k a y  with it.

                  n o t   g o i n g   a n y w h e r e.


melisandre week  → day 3: favourite relationship

"The Lord of Light in his wisdom made us male and female, two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there is power. Power to make life. Power to make light. Power to cast shadows." (Melisandre and Jon Snow)