" He cannot see me, Bran realized, despairing. He wanted to reach out and touch him, but all that he could do was watch and listen. I am in the tree. I am inside the heart tree, looking out of its red eyes, but the weirwood cannot talk, so I can’t. Eddard Stark resumed his prayer. Bran felt his eyes fill up with tears. But were they his own tears, or the weirwood’s? If I cry, will the tree begin to weep?"


"sansa stark is weak and cowardly-" sansa almost murdered joffrey in front of two of his kingsguard you ignorant shit


What time is it?

I don’t know.

Here are some Adventure Time princesses! yeah. They’re transparent. Let LSP float around your blog. Take PB to Candy Kingdom.

I’ll post individual pictures soon! :D

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We put on a good show.